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As a Startup, have you considered engaging a Virtual CFO?

In our experience with startups, it is a common sight that startups outsource the role of CFO or hire a virtual CFO, to assist them in the financial segment through different stages of their business growth. As a Virtual CFO, companies operationally optimize the startup entity to set the right tune for all fiscal matters, right from rising capital requirements, setting up the right cash flow, rationing of budgets, and developing best pricing strategies that cumulatively supplement growth patterns in a planned sequential manner. 

Managing finances and also pondering upon the growth of business without appropriate expertise, times can put you in a situation to judge the right basket. Outsourcing the service to us, Versutus will bring in the difference with experience and dexterity, that would indomitably enhance the nature of your business and the way you carry on your day-to-day tasks. 

CFO services for startups

Benifits of Virtual CFO in a Busines

Offer Strategic Insights

Every unannounced situation needs a tactful predicament to save any potential adverse effect on the business. An experienced CFO has the benefit of a bird’s eye view and considers valuable input, data, speed of the business, customer behavior, and demographic conditions of the business while making decisions.

Financial and Cash Flow Management 

Having engaged a Virtual CFO, it will oversee the financial functions of the business operations and develop regular reports to keep the financial functions and internal accounting clear. The cash flow statements are maintained to keep the organization track of long-term assets, net income, and liabilities, and regular checks on the daily cash flow statements to find a way how to improve the management.

Startup-Specific Guidance

Introducing vertical knowledge into the business, unlike the traditional companies the startup has extra added perks in terms of the nature of the business. In order to maintain and run a cost-effective viable business would require a specialized hands-on approach, which exposes new opportunities into the nature of the business and manage the same with ease. Versutus shall take care of all these financial aspects and lets you have ample time involved in proper business, while the finance is taken care of by Versutus.

Data Analysis 

A Virtual CFO has got a larger perspective through a larger industry that gives them the perks to analyze the data and spot the loopholes of the business, red-flagging any potential pitfalls at an early stage itself. On the basis of a prediction report, the founders can take the necessary forward action for the growth of the business and behave proactively

Risk Management  

Experienced financial managers like Versutus bring various industry expertise into the business and ensure stability in the form of decision-making across various channels when involved financially. The standardized nature of any CFO is to foresee threats of the business and make strategic moves to meet the future goal.

Proposing Tactical Financial Strategy

A CFO is the right person to develop the actual growth for the business including the right draft of monetary requirements to it, by analyzing and making a proper plan for it. The major responsibility of the CFO carries with making realistic projections, creating financial data, reports to guide the founder in heading in the right direction. 

Scaling your Business 

When you know this is the right time to lead through the higher path of expansion, that’s when you bring in a CFO to assist you in budgeting, effectively deploying cash, managing returns, and seeking opportunities for greater development or growth. The outsourced CFO has multifold benefits: they are the liaison with stakeholders, lenders, and specialist bodies who create credibility in the startup. 



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