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A Founder’s Guide to CFO’s Role in Start-ups, should you outsource CFO operations

A chief financial officer is trusted with the top financial position in any organisation. They are
responsible for tracking cash and fund flow, financial planning and analysing the company’s
financial strengths and weaknesses and to propose strategic directions for the growth of any

The CFO’s role is to oversee the organisation’s complete financial activities, including being
responsible for the finance and accounting department, and serve a strategic advisory role to
the CEO.

Meeting goals and keeping cash flow stable are clearly under the CFO’s direction. CFO also
advises department heads across the organisation, assisting them in both maximising
revenues, reducing costs and playing a pivotal role in revenue-generating capacity, and
controlling expenses or employee satisfaction or the company’s reputation.

CFO's Focus on ensuring a strong return on investment (ROI) for their organisations. ROI is
a measure of the receiving sum on a return of capital invested. Hence as a ratio, it looks at
the gain or loss of an investment as a percentage of the cost.

CFO’s also have a significant part in their ability to accurately predict future outcomes in
financial forecasting and modelling based not only basis the company’s past performance
but on internal and external factors that may affect revenue and expenses alike.

The CFO is tasked with making the various departmental level forecasts to create profit
projections for the CEO and shareholders. Internal factors include sales trends, labour and
HR-related costs, the price of raw materials and more, while external data could include
opportunity cost for capital, shifts in market demand, emerging competitors and advances in
technology and so on.

CFOs guide the finance and assist the accounting team and have a broad view of an
organisation’s financial structure, allowing the CEO, the CMO, COO and VPs of HR and
sales to focus on their own goals and operational issues.

Virtual CFO –

As a Startup, if it does not have an in-house finance department, it can outsource the finance
function to another company. In addition, the company can use virtual CFO services.
Remote or through an external consultant – a virtual CFO service can be provided.

Businesses fluctuate in accordance to the conditions in the world of digitalisation. Some
start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, may lack the resources to hire an in-house
Chief Financial Officer. As a result, these companies use virtual CFO services.

An Outsourced CFO is a financial expert who works part-time on projects to provide financial
strategy services. Outsourced CFO services include financial strategy, system analysis,
design, and operational optimization. An outsourced CFO can also help an organisation with
cash flow difficulties, fund allocation, resolve tight operational cost disparities, and plan for
development. Outsourced CFOs have extensive experience in senior corporate finance
roles. They would have served frequently as CFOs for a wide range of public and private
companies at various stages of development and across multiple industries.

Process of Virtual CFO Services –

A virtual CFO provides different services, A virtual CFO's services frequently follow the
financial pyramid of needs. A virtual CFO is expected to be the client's bookkeeper,
responsible for the accuracy of the account books and interpreting financial information from
accounting data for the client. They will be in charge of carrying out or supervising the
reporting process. They are the CEO's financial and strategic sparring partner on the more
strategic front. They are also in charge of suggesting cost-cutting measures and acquiring

A strong and well-thought-out plan ensures that the business maintains a healthy
profit—planning aids in determining the amount of money required by combining the salary
and the cost.

Growth Strategy

The virtual CFO manages the finances, thus assisting in the growth of the business. The
virtual CFO creates a suitable improvement plan. It is necessary to create an improvement
game plan in order to recognize when financing is required in the business.

Structure in hierarchy

Virtual CFO administrations have the ability to implement any changes to the organisation's
authoritative structure as and when required for the growth of businesses.

Financial Forecasts

The estimate of salary and expenses is more important than the monetary projection. It
includes market factor figures. It aids in the confirmation of financial and resource

Debt management

A virtual CFO creates a real obligation arrangement with the intent of achieving the best
result. To control the commitment, proper obligation planning is required.

Internal Regulations

A genuine bearing on the advancement of the associations by strategy for error control
structure helps in keeping the affiliation's immovable nature. To be feasible, an appropriate
and exact accounting record, all-around instructed cash-related decisions, and financial
itemization are required as a component of the internal control structure. The association's
CFO assists in assessing and executing these recently referenced structures.

Forecasting income
The virtual CFO can also forecast income at any point, which is a valuable service. To make
the right decision, organisations must better understand their financial situations.

Governance in business

Corporate administration encompasses all of the standards and guidelines that a business
adheres to. These standards aid in finding a balance between the passions of partners,
investors, executives, and customers.

Calculating break even point

Analysis, the ultimate cost (fixed + variable) differs from the pay that will select a point where
the business does not gain or lose money. The Virtual CFO will assist in inducing equal
initial investment examination, allowing the organisation to control its expenses.

Financial Consultation

Depending on the situation, a virtual CFO can provide financial advice. Proper budgetary
planning prepares the business for growth. This allows organisations to focus on the
important areas without worrying about budgetary issues.

A virtual CFO can provide the following services:

● Management of finances.
● Budgetary Management.
● GST Registration.
● Income Tax Returns.
● Human Resource Management.
● MIS Reporting
● Work in the Legal Process

Appointing a full time CFO can actually be an expensive option during the initial stages of
setting up a business and can be not on the priority list of a startup, but a CFO does add
value and assists in taking vital decisions that could catapult the growth of the organisation.
At such instances outsourcing CFO is the best solution and earlier the better. First time

businesses and entrepreneurs pump in their own financial funds to grow the business and in
such situations an outsourced CFO can serve as a mentor, a finance guide and ease the
operations procedure as well forecasting the future saving the organisation and
entrepreneurs not just time and money but also less complicated growth.



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