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Business Consultancy Services

From evolving customer experience to enhancing technology support to more sprightly companies entering industries, organisations of today are more at risk for contingencies than ever before.

Transforming Business Experience

Whether a startup, MNC, or a manufacturing conglomerate, every organisation is prone to experience challenges with company culture, internal processes or need a new business strategy to reflect your envisioned future.

At Versutus – we’re here to assist you in every step. We place a heavy focus on enabling and sustaining change, as well as establishing platforms for continuous improvement. To do so, we seamlessly integrate our business consulting, technology and industry practices to help companies thrive.

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Supporting Business Challenges Together.

Our business consultants and our industrial expertise can help you adapt to today’s market requirements and continue to compete with the challenges that you might face. We can scale our vast experience and industrial know-how to support change from restructuring model of operations through large scale transformation to diversification of your business growth. Our team of experienced leaders and practitioners who carry their expertise of decades presence in the industry both in the domestic as well overseas market are customer-focused and manage complex projects, effectively coordinating across diverse businesses.

Restructuring model

Changing its organizational structure, which can involve shifting direct reports to a different manager, reallocating resources to other parts of the business. Our business restructuring models includes

  • Legal and procedural issues
  • Accounting aspects
  • Human and Cultural synergies
  • Valuation and funding
  • Taxation and Stamp duty aspects


Diversification of business opportunity into other regions, technical expansions, product diversification as a business strategy is definitely worth considering for any company looking to grow in today’s rapidly developing market scenario.

  • Concentric diversification
  • Conglomerate diversification
  • Defensive diversification
  • Offensive diversification.
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