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Audit and Consultation

Versutus enables its client to meet ethical and legal standards, bringing governance in compliance with regulations. Defining corporate objectives across due diligence policies and compliance concerns.

Seeking for consulation in Labour law, Vendor risk management and legal compliance?

Versutus provides audit and consultation services across vendor compliance & labour laws and regulations. Business Expansion demands the right expertise in legal and compliance management, versutus helps organizations in assessing vendors’ risk in business operations and several statutory requirements in labour law legislation.

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Labour Law compliance

The landscape of labor laws is constantly evolving with the latest developments, organizations must ensure compliance with legal laws. Versutus enables all its clients abreast of changes in compliance and keeps them up to date.

Consultation of Labour Laws under:

Vendor Due Diligence

Businesses often rely on vendors and trusted business partners to achieve their business goals. Ensuring vendors are legitimate, credible organizations that are compliant with regulatory authorities is a stringent measure organization should regularize.

Why Versutus for Audit & Consultation?

Pan-India presence
With branches and associates located in length and breadth of the country, you don’t need to look for different Compliance Partners.
Zero Tribunal
Versutus takes pride in its track record of having a high success rate and a growing track record of protecting clients from tribunals and litigation.
Excellent rapport with Officials
Having a decade - long time experience in the field, Versutus has established an excellent relationship with various Government authorities for a seamless deliverance.
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