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Statutory Compliances

Statutory Compliance Management Services

Companies not clear about the legal framework & compliance foreground shall tend to run into legal repercussions. This is often the case in most startups, though big corporates are not an exception.

Having business presence in diverse locations calls for legal expertise in a wide array of laws and statutes coupled with conflux of resources responsible for compliance, which makes compliance increasingly difficult. Versutus by the side, our clients are saved from the hefty legal bill and penal levies possibly arising out of any statutory non-compliance.

Versutus has been at the vanguard of the compliance management services in India for a decade, helping our clients across sectors and states to assess, investigate and monitor potential risks vis-a-vis local as well as national regulatory laws.

Services that Versutus offer :

Our Statutory compliance management services help ensure clients that all their operations abide by laws and regulations laid out by the government. For this, we conduct Audits to verify whether the establishment adheres to the laws, and check for any possible shortcomings. The audit reports are posited before our clients and necessary ATR points to rectify errors are initiated. Similar Audit exercises are carried out on vendors too on behalf of Principle Employers.

Factory Law Compliance

We offer companies the required knowledge base and technology-driven processes for factory compliance on a routine basis.

Shops & Establishment Compliance

We undertake all aspects of statutory compliances from registration of establishment/factories to handling inspections by government officials and obtaining necessary exemptions, for steady and hassle-free business operations

Contract Labour Compliance

We offer a single window solution for all the labour compliance needs of our clients.

Statutory Benefits Compliance

Our teams of skilled professionals seamlessly pilot the complexities of mandatory benefits compliance helping businesses to remain high-ranked in labour law compliances.

Remittance of Statutory Payments

Versutus has the requisite expertise & skill-set to assist organizations in easy remittance of statutory payments.

Services Highlights of Versutus:

Payroll-services-in-Chennai Assistance in statutory remittance and periodic returns filing
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Coordinating communication with authorities
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Handling internal and external disputes
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Handling license approvals, amendments, and renewals
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Accident coordination support
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Preparation and Maintenance of statutory registers
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Assistance in court & tribunal related matters
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Periodic audits of vendors and under compliance status

A glimpse of various labour, commercial & taxation statutes that we pursue:

Payroll-services-in-Chennai Factories Act 1948
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Workmen Compensation Act 1923
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Minimum Wages Act 1948 & Payment of Wages Act 1936
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Industrial Disputes Act 1947
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 & Payment of Bonus Act 1971
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act 1952
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Employees State Insurance Act 1948
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Interstate Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act, 1979
Payroll-services-in-Chennai The Apprentices Act, 1961
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Shops and Establishment Act
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Industrial Development and Regulation Act 1951
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Indian Contracts Act 1872
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Electricity Act 2003
Payroll-services-in-Chennai The Legal Meteorology Act 2010
Payroll-services-in-Chennai The Essential Commodities Act 1955
Payroll-services-in-Chennai GST Laws (IGST, CGST & SGST Acts)
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Customs Act 1962
Payroll-services-in-Chennai The Environment Act (Act 29 of) 1986
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Water (Prevention and Control of pollution) Act, 1974
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Companies Act 1956
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Income Tax Act 1961
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999

Why Versutus for Statutory Compliance Management Services?

1. Data confidentiality

Our centralized data back-up approach ensured highest degree of data confidentiality and disaster recovery standards whilst being readily summonable whenever need be.

2. Proficiency & sustained supervision in what we do

We’ve been engaged in numerous audits and helped various businesses maintain excellent legal track record. Our audits reveal the strong and weak areas of businesses for which a clear plan of action is initiated and coordinated.

3. Pan-India presence

With branches and associates located in length and breadth of the country, you don’t need to look for different Compliance Partners across the country. Our holistic approach serves your organization and its branches across India.

4. High rapport with Officials

Having a decade long time experience in the field, Versutus has established an excellent relationship with the government authorities, with which our clients stay guaranteed of seamless service deliverance.