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Due Diligence

Statutory Due Diligence Audit Services

Parties & transactions that have been through a comprehensive and robust Due Diligence process are ultimately the most rewarding and least taxing. Statutory Due Diligence needs to be done meticulously, and Versutus being a venture with years of standing and rich experience in Vendor/Debtor Due Diligence, we have a great track record in carrying our Corporate Due Diligence assignments from across industry verticals.

We have the necessary resources and network to do a detailed verification, investigation, or audit of virtually every aspect of a company (or individual) for better decisions on joint ventures, contracts, partnerships, acquisitions and investments. The conditions of a particular transaction/vendor contract are looked into, utilizing a standard to create a clear picture of the situation and thereby enabling better and effective decision making for our clients. Our Due Diligence service becomes imperative when you enter into business alliance with any individual or corporate vendor and need to do an in-depth investigation on different aspects of the party like their reputation in the market, legal score, financial health, statutory compliance discipline and so on.

Services that Versutus offer:

Vendor due diligence to seek information on vendors and to estimate their degree of compliance with statutes & regulations.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Risk estimation based on location, the magnitude of your financial implication, and various other factors.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Thorough analysis of the reputation, financial, and legal status of your vendors & debtors in any transaction or contract.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Inspecting the financial and operational discipline about the party.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Help add credibility to the facts, figures and compliance information provided by the third parties in the contract memorandum.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Identification of undisclosed control risks, highlighting key deal issues, and providing valuable insight on transaction synergies
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Assessing whether advances are safe with the vendor.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Assessing the Tax incidence and levy, in any deal/contract with parties.


"With thorough due diligence checks, you can make sure that the investment or merger that you are planning is a
genuinely good deal"

Why Versutus for Due Diligence?

1. Amped-up Accuracy

Versutus being your side, you can rest assured that we can outperform any in-house HR or Due Diligence teams in terms of accuracy for only a portion of the operational cost in longer run. We screen, assess, remediate and manifest on validated hits of third parties to contextualize and put forth the findings about vendors’ statutory compliance status.

2. Niche Domain Expertise

Versutus has numerous years of expertise and we know exactly where to look to find red-flags. Our Due Diligence team comprising of well experienced professionals analyze every single factor without compromises and look out for any potential pitfalls that might come your way. The Versutus vantage has considerable experience advising clients on a comprehensive full breadth of issues from minor negotiating points to major compliance aspects.

3. One-Stop 360˚ Solution

Versutus’ integrated single-window solution assists you in estimating the risks & balances in any Vendor/Debtor Due Diligence. You also benefit from Versutus’ experience with Transaction Due Diligence service offerings, identification of undisclosed risks, highlighting key deal issues, and providing valuable insight on transaction synergies.

4. Bespoke Customization

Versutus tailors the approach for each individual transaction and party to maximize value and deliver a quality work product in a time bound and seamless manner. No matter the magnitude of the risk which is associated with the vendor or transaction, our team shall be coming up with a myriad of custom-built strategies to make it work.