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Payroll & HR Process Management

For any organization, Payroll Management & HR Processing includes a lot of complex sub-tasks including keeping track of tax deduction and disbursing salaries for employees on time. And most importantly, it must align with the regulations and laws of our government.


"A robust payroll processing system motivates employees
resulting in an increase in productivity and profitability."

For any business to flourish in the market, it is vital that its performance and quality gets enhanced in periodic intervals. But managing employees and cultivating new values in them doesn’t happen overnight. It is smart to perform the critical tasks with an in-house team and outsource an efficient HR service like Versutus for everything else that follows.

How Vital Is Hiring an HR Partner like Versutus?

Payroll-services-in-Chennai Payroll processing ensures that employees are consistently paid on time and enhances financial stability & legislative standards.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai On-time processing of payments establishes healthy relationship between employee and the employer by building trust and morale.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Any small deviation from law might cost a fortune and might invite huge loss of reputation.

No matter what phase a company is at in its life cycle, outsourcing to Versutus would have a great deal in accelerating the process.

Services Highlights of Versutus:

Payroll-services-in-Chennai Analyzing salary structure for employees (monthly, contractual, etc.,) and processing their payments.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Calculating the salary payable after taking into consideration TDS, Insurance, Provident Fund, ESIC, Profession Tax, Worker/LWF, staff advances etc.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Individual circulation of pay slips and tax reports, and Leave Management.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Verifying Income Tax declarations and filing their tax returns accordingly.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Regular filing of periodic deductions such as Pension funds, Profession Tax, EPF, ESI, LWF, TDS returns etc.,
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Cataloguing data from staff’s attendance, tracking any advance loans taken and processing recoveries.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Crafting HR strategy, audits, and compliance.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Front-line and middle-level leadership training and development.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Offering talent assessment and acquisition.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Staff joining process and employee on-boarding services
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Managing HR value chain and operations.
Payroll-services-in-Chennai Resume & CV assessment and interview coordination.

Why Should You Choose Versutus?

Hiring Versutus, which has an experienced payroll service team, takes the burden off your shoulder and allows you to concentrate on business improvement. Versutus offers a wide range of services making it a one-stop solution to suit all your HR needs.

1. Affordable and Scalable

Versutus has evolved and equipped itself as an HR solutions entity which can adapt to competitive demands of your business. Over the years, we have worked with numerous clients enabling us to identify the problem effortlessly and provide bespoke solutions.

2. Years of Expertise and Sizeable Skill Set

Being in the industry for a long time, our team has enhanced its adaptability skill to align with all the best practices and required standards and deliverables with supreme precision. Our support doesn’t stop with the growth and value which we instil into your organization and employees. Instead, keep experimenting and improving until you get the most results for the money you pay.

3. State-of-the-art Data Security

All our processes are handled and secured using advanced Cloud technology. With Versutus, your data is secured.