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What is offroll staffing and things to consider before working with a staffing agency.

The payroll of any employee begins as soon as one  joins as an  employee in any company and is monitored in a specific method such that it is a win-win to both  the organization and employee. On roll and Off roll are the two common types of payroll models under which any employee gets remunerated.

While an On-roll payroll is the regular payroll process under which  employees get paid on a regular interval and receive a fixed amount of remuneration in exchange for the services. An employee under  On roll is eligible for employee benefits such as EPF, Medicare, allowances, performance bonuses, incentives etc. as they work directly with the company and they come under the company policy.

While, an off- roll employee works on a contractual basis and it would be the basis of the contract that is formulated and might be on a regular basis or on a timely basis, or can change from time to time.

Employee is part of the organization.The employee may be a contractual employee through a consultancy or another company.
The organization will credit the salary directly to your account.Remuneration shall be given as salaries, or the consultants who bridge between employee and the organization shall handle the same.
EPF and other benefits are available to the employee.Employees under this category may or may not be eligible for EPF.
Employees and their families are eligible for health insurance benefits provided by the organization.Health insurance and other claims may or may not be applicable to the employee and shall be informed prior.
As specified in the offer letter, the employee   is entitled to take a certain number of leaves as stated in their offer letter.Employees may not be eligible to take as many leaves or be absent from work without prior approval, as given in terms of contract.
A notice period may be required to  be served before the employee wishes to resign. In addition, the organization will specify a period before accepting the resignation, which will be as stated in the offer letter.Employees may or may not carry a notice period and the terms of being relieved may be as stated in the contract.

Things to consider before working with a staffing agency.

Apart from recruitment, the human resource team will have their hands full with other tasks and concerns pertaining to the organization. This will not be able to attribute complete attention to some tasks.Therefore, it’s best to transfer talent acquisition to another staffing agency. But then how does one know which staffing agency is the right one for you.

From an intern to a seasoned senior executive, every hire will have the ability to take the organization to the best caliber possible. Hence, it’s vital that the people you hire, the team that is formed  share the values of your organization.

But as a process it includes a large number of steps and is easier said than done. One  has to conduct several  interviews to find the actual fit, and at the same time, handle other HR duties  related to payroll, attendance, employee engagement, grievances, government norms and a lot more on a day to day basis. With so much to do, there is always the risk of errors or not getting the complete attention of the inhouse human resource team. So it is easier to outsource staffing to an agency or a third party, a consultancy.

But how to choose one that’s right for your organization?

Here are 5 traits that every staffing provider or a consultancy must exhibit.

1. Core Specialization

Does the agency have any specific expertise? Few companies specialize in finding people belonging to a specific sector or role. Some agencies are capable of getting talent at executive positions, some are capable of fulfilling bulk hiring requirements. So choose right by what you feel would suffice for your requirements.

2. Market edge 

It’s a competitive world. With so many candidates out there and businesses coming up with newer, specialized roles, employment agencies need to fulfil many categories to stand apart.  Some questions you should be asking are: 

  • What are the differentiating factors that the agency brings to the table? 
  • How is the costing structure as compared to others in the same space?
  • Does the agency provide additional staffing services like skills onboarding support and temporary benefits, training, compliance and payroll services? 

This will enable you to choose the right recruitment agency.

3. Service excellence 

A committed staffing agency must ensure that the candidates they refer to your organisation prove to be a valuable resource. In order to do so, they need to  follow up with your management or HR  team to see if the candidates are meeting the specified performance criteria.

4. Reputation & Reliability

While  selecting a  staffing agency, ensure to understand their reliability and proficiency in offering staffing solutions. When selecting a consultancy measure the reliability based on the following parameters: 

How long have they been in the business? Their credentials and their list of clients as well know their team. These  would help in appointing the right staffing provider for your organization. 

An organization always tends to believe that they are doing good  in attracting the right talent. Every candidate has a different objective and may or may not be a part of the journey of the organization. 

However, by maintaining a culture and by partnering with a competent staffing agency or consultancy, one can ensure that the organization has the perfect balance in workforce knowledge and a right team.



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